The school will follow a systematic, comprehensive curriculum. The objective of the curriculum is to provide a broad understanding of all aspects of Islam as envisaged in the Mission Statement. The teachers, students and parents will know the curriculum - thus, everybody will know what is being taught and what to expect from students at each grade and collectively, from the entire program. The teachers will carefully follow the curriculum. The curriculum is continuously being developed. Once fully developed, each grade will be matched with appropriate books and class lessons.

All classes are co-educationaL. Boys and girls sit on different rows of the class, but not necessarily boys behind the girls or girls behind the boys. In kindergarten or lower level classes, teacher determines if they can co-mingle in the class during learning activities.At this time there wil not be any gifted child program in the schooL. Placement of a student in Arabic Reading class may not follow the regular school grades. Regardless of age of a student, based on the proficiency in Arabic reading, he or she may be placed at a higher or lower grade. The decision about such placement will be made by the Principal in consultation with the class teacher. If needed such placement will be reviewed and approved by the School Board.

Noor Academy Sunday School Curriculum

Quran Classes Level Description